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Life Group LA, and Saddle Up LA take no responsibility for ACTS OF GOD. We do not refund or credit for bad weather or unforeseen events caused by circumstances beyond our control. Your registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Registration fees do not apply toward your fundraising minimum.

We Thank You For Your Understanding and Commitment to Helping Make a Difference.

This document affects your legal rights - read it carefully before signing or clicking "I accept"

You must read this entire liability waiver and rider rules and agree to its terms by clicking the "I accept" button at the bottom of this waiver. We cannot process your registration request without a completed liability waiver. Thank you.

Liability Waiver
(Read Carefully)

This document constitutes a release of liability agreement whereby you, the rider, the person who desires to ride horses at the Saddle Up LA fundraising event, agrees to release Life Group LA, Saddle Up LA, The City of Los Angeles, from all liability for personal, property, economic and emotional damage which could occur during the period of the riding event and BBQ. This document creates a binding agreement so please read carefully and completely. If you have any questions, please ask them now. By clicking I accept you have indicated you have read it and understand it.

  • I am under no obligation to enter this agreement nor does Life Group LA, Saddle Up LA, LA Horse Rentals posses any advantage or superior bargaining strength against me. I desire to ride a horse for my own personal pleasure and for recreational purposes.
  • I also understand that in consideration for being permitted to participate in the event, I hereby take the following actions for myself as well as for my heirs, assigns, next of kin, successors, executors, administrators, and legal representatives
  • I understand and agree that this release will have the effect of releasing, discharging, waiving, and forever relinquishing any and all actions or causes of action that I may have or have had, whether under statutory or common law existing now or in the future, on my own behalf and on behalf of my survivors, heirs and estate, whether past, present or future, whether known or unknown, and whether anticipated or unanticipated by me, arising out of my participation in the Event. I fully understand that I cannot hereafter make further claims or seek any further recovery of any nature whatsoever against any Releases based upon, arising out of, or in connection with the Event, and I hereby expressly waive all future unknown claims caused by, or alleged to be caused by, any act or omission of any Releases. This release constitutes a complete release, discharge and waiver of any and all actions or causes of action against the Releasee arising out of the Event.
  • Rider hereby acknowledges that horses can be dangerous animals because of their size, strength and characteristics in that a horse may kick, bolt, be hard to control, bite, buck or become easily frightened, or otherwise act in an unpredictable manner.
  • Rider is placed under minimal control by Life Group LA, Saddle Up LA, The City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and LA Horse Rentals and expressly assumes full and sole control of the horse, which he/she rides. Rider agrees to stay in designated areas.
  • Rider acknowledges and assumes the risk for all claims heretofore and hereafter which arise out of foreseeable and unforeseeable acts and/or omissions to act by Life Group LA, Saddle Up LA, The City of Los Angeles, the LA Horse Rentals , its employees, agents and fellow patrons.
  • This release agreement will have full legal effect to this event.
  • Rider is solely responsible for his/hers own equipment
  • I have read the rider rules for the above indicated trail ride and agree to abide by them. I do hereby, for myself, my spouse, heirs, and legal representatives and assigns agree that I am aware that participation in such trail ride is a hazardous activity, and I am voluntarily participating in this trail ride with full knowledge of the many risks and dangers involved in riding horses and agree to accept any and all risks.
  • Having read and acknowledged paragraphs 1-6, rider now intentionally and voluntarily, expressly releases Life Group LA, Saddle Up LA, The City of Los Angeles, the LA Horse Rentals from all liability for known and unknown claims for injuries to myself or my property and causes of action arising out of the riding of horses provided by rider and any claim arising from the conduct or omissions of the employees, agents or patrons of Life Group LA, Saddle Up LA, The City of Los Angeles, the LA Horse Rentals . In other words, if any injury occurs, Life Group LA, Saddle Up LA, The City of Los Angeles, LA Horse Rentals shall not be held liable and rider will be solely responsible for all losses incurred, regardless of the nature, cause, or who may be at fault. I will not file a lawsuit against Life Group LA, Saddle Up LA, The City of Los Angeles, the LA Horse Rentals , its employees, agents or fellow patrons.

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age on the date hereof, or if not, my parent or legal guardian is also executing this Waiver and Release of Liability, on my behalf. I have carefully read this Waiver and Release of Liability and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a waiver and release of liability and I submit of my own free will.

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